Why Hereit?

Why Hereit? For all the alleged “democratization” of distribution that has occurred over the past ten years, it is now harder than ever for artists to make money through the sale and use of their music. As media consolidation eliminates traditional broadcast exposure and revenue for the vast majority of musicians—particularly local, traditional, eclectic and experimental music—artists have come to rely on digital platforms to reach listeners.

Digital music services have responded by becoming increasingly exploitive of artists and listeners alike. They maximize profits for the organizations that own them by minimizing profits for musicians, while capturing listeners’ personal information for astronomical revenue from targeted advertising. Music itself has been radically devalued, while artists have been conditioned to assume they must surrender huge percentages of any sales just to be heard. It was never easy to make a modest living as a musician, but now it often seems impossible.

Particularly at the local level, the hardships experienced by musicians struggling with the digital model are also felt by independent labels, venues, studios and all the people who work with and for these businesses.

Hereit was in part informed and inspired by some of the ideas behind the local food movement—the principle that the food produced closest to you is the freshest and least processed. And that when you buy locally, your purchase creates a multiplier effect of direct, indirect and induced impact that strengthens the economic health of an entire region.

Hereit has been designed to offer independent artists and the listeners who care about music a real, grassroots alternative. It is a powerful but simple and affordable music discovery and e-commerce tool that provides listeners direct connection to artists and gives artists maximum control over their work.

Please visit www.hereit.org. If you are an artist, from any location or genre, sign up. If you are a listener, discover, directly support, and help sustain independent, local music.


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