How Does Hereit Work for Listeners?

  • Listen by location, genre or both.
  • No subscription fees, no advertising and no data capture.
  • All song sales go directly to the artists. No cuts.
  • Discover new music while supporting your own local music community and music communities all over the country.

For listeners, Hereit is free and private.

The audio player on the homepage streams a playlist of most-liked songs from whichever locations and genres are selected. With no locations or genres selected, the player streams the most-liked songs from all locations and all genres.

Next to each song in the player, there is a Like button. Clicking a song’s Like button, either on the homepage or on an artist’s profile page, raises the song’s ranking. There are no featured artists, staff picks or recommendations. The order of a playlist is determined entirely and only by listener likes, one like per song per day.

If you hear a song you like, please buy it. When you buy a song on Hereit, your money goes directly to the musicians you choose to give it to. Hereit does not take any cuts from song sales. One hundred percent of the money from a download goes to the artist, via the artist’s own Stripe account, with Stripe’s fee of 2.9 percent plus 30 cents per transaction added to the price of the download. If you buy a song that an artist is selling for $1, you will be charged $1.34 to cover the Stripe fees. There are no additional fees added by Hereit.

By buying songs directly from independent artists, you make it more possible for those artists to continue to make music, and you strengthen and sustain the viability of original, local music everywhere.

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