How Does Hereit Work for Artists?

  • $3 per month. Each profile comes with space for three songs.
  • $1 per published song per month for each additional song. All charges are prorated.
  • Artists set their own song prices and keep 100 percent of sale price.
  • No cuts, no contracts, no commitments. Start or stop at any time.

Hereit ( gives independent, original musicians a platform to be heard at the local, state and national levels and sets them up with a private, easy-to-use e-commerce account to sell songs directly to listeners, keeping 100 percent of all sales. Artists set their own prices for songs and albums, and there are no contracts or commitments of any kind. The service is totally pay as you go, and artists can stop and start at any time with no hidden fees or penalties.

Hereit has been designed to be affordable for all artists. The cost of an account is $3 per month. Each Hereit profile comes with three song uploads, though you only have to use one to publish your page. The e-commerce service fee of 2.9 percent plus 30 cents per transaction is added to the cost of the account, for a minimum recurring monthly charge of $3.40. Each additional song costs $1 per song per month, plus 3 cents for service fees. All service fees are for Stripe, the e-commerce payment processor only. Hereit does not charge any additional fees.

All charges are billed monthly and prorated with credit towards the following month’s billing—artists pay for actual usage only, and can add or remove a song at any time. Artists can also deactivate an account at any time with no penalties or additional charges.

Songs can be streamed in their entirety, and the songs that receive the most likes from listeners will automatically be added to the playlists for their selected locations and genres. All songs uploaded are available for download. Artists set their own price and keep 100 percent of the sale. Songs sales are directly deposited via Stripe into the artist’s checking account in 48 hours of purchase.

Hereit takes no cut from sales of artists’ music, and never assumes any right or claim to any music uploaded.

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