About Hereit

What is Hereit?

  • Original local music online, organized by locations and genres.
  • Free for listeners, $1 per published song per month for artists.
  • Artists set their own prices and keep 100 percent of all sales.
  • No advertising, no data capture, no subscriptions, no commitments.

Hereit (www.hereit.org) is a website for original local music, organized by locations and genres. The site helps listeners find and support new music, while providing independent artists a platform to be heard and sell songs—with no contracts, commitments or cuts taken from the sales. Artists set their own prices for songs and keep 100 percent, receiving the money from sales by direct deposit to their bank accounts within 48 hours. Listeners can build playlists by selecting from any available combination of cities, states, countries or genres, stream songs in their entirety and download purchased songs directly from the site. There is no advertising, data capture or exploitation of user information of any kind.

By respectfully connecting artists and listeners with an equitable, transparent platform for independent music, Hereit hopes to help create and strengthen inclusive, self-reliant and sustainable music communities at the local, state and national levels.

There are two guiding principles to the site. The first is that independent, local music is often more original, creative and distinctive than music that is formulated for mass consumption. Unfortunately, there are increasingly fewer platforms for original local music. This makes it difficult for artists to establish themselves and connect with listeners in the communities where they actually live and work. It also makes it difficult for people to experience the rich diversity of music all around them. A strong, participatory and financially self-sufficient music scene can be an enormous benefit to the larger community that contains it. When original, local, independent musical voices are minimized or silenced, everybody loses.

The second principle is that there is no reason why artists should have to surrender any rights, pay exorbitant fees, or accept the radical devaluation of their music in exchange for a chance to be heard. They should be able to charge whatever they want for their own work, and they should be able to sell directly to listeners with as little interference or involvement from third parties as possible.

This includes the right of listeners to hear music without submitting to the tracking and exploitation of their personal information, which is why Hereit does not accept advertising of any kind. Hereit is free to use for listeners, who are not required to submit any personal information, and the ranking of the site’s playlists is determined exclusively by listener likes. When a listener chooses to support an artist by purchasing a song, the artist receives 100 percent of the sale.

Hereit is a small, bootstrapped startup based in Nashville, TN. The site is totally independent and completely pro-artist. Musicians from all genres and locations are welcome.

Please visit www.hereit.org.


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