The New Hereit is Now Live


The revamped and revised version of Hereit went live this week, after the usual painstaking and patience-trying crawl through the development process. Ain’t that the way, though, when you’re bootstrapping and independent.

The new Hereit features a complete redesign by Nashville’s very talented L. Dante Guarin, with much improvement to the look and usability. Select locations and genres from the drop downs, and the playlist of the 50 most-liked songs from those selections is generated in the player column. Simple as that. Or just hit play and listen to the most popular songs, as ranked by listener likes, from all the genres and locations currently on the site. Buy them right there on the home page, or click through to the artist’s profile.

Locations and genres are automatically generated when an artist signs up. All music on the site has been uploaded and published by the musicians who wrote and recorded it. If you don’t find any acoustic blues from Duluth or klezmer from Boise, it’s because those bands haven’t signed up for Hereit yet. But they’re there–and hopefully they’ll be on Hereit soon too.

Of all the changes to the site, though, the coolest is the new e-commerce. Hereit now sets artists up with their own Stripe e-commerce account, with full functionality, security and usability. The accounts are totally private between the artist and Stripe, and now, when somebody buys a song, the artist receives 100 percent of their asking price, delivered via direct deposit into their bank account in 48 hours. The Stripe e-commerce also lets Hereit have shopping cart functionality, so artists can sell multiple songs in one transaction, as well as group and sell songs by album.

So now, this means that independent artists can be found by the state and city where they live, the type of music they play, by directly linking to their profiles, or through the recommendation links on another artist’s profile page. Location, genre, scene and personal recommendations–all the networks that support, sustain and unite independent music communities. And when listeners discover that music, and want to show their support by buying and owning songs, 100 percent of their money goes directly to the artists. The small transaction fee charged by the e-commerce provider is paid by the listener, with no additional fees added by the site, and zero cuts taken from the artist.

There’s no advertising, no data capture, no staff picks or recommendations, no featured artists, no upsells, no contracts, no corporate sponsors, no weird packages, no phony promotional claims, and no anything else to deal with or wade through.

It’s just original bands and artists, connecting with people who care about and like to support independent and local music–with nothing and nobody trying to get in-between them. Imagine that.



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